1st Assignment 9/9/13

Before setting up an account on wordpress.com, I thought I basically knew everything there was to know about blogs. I knew that blogs were written by normal people just like you and me, and that they were normally just about their personal life or even about politics and sports. One thing I didn’t know was that you could leave comments on other people blogs. I think this is a great feature because if someone happens to disagree with someone or would like to add on something to they blog, they can easily do that by just posting a comment right below the blog. It seems that in some blogs this starts up some real conversation and sometimes the person who wrote the blog comments on it too. This is a great way for the writer of the blog and the fans to interact. Another thing I didn’t know about before was a blogroll, which is a list of links to other articles that the author the blog thinks would be worth the time reading as well. This is a great idea because if someone is interested in your blog and wants to read more about it, they don’t have to take the time and look it up, but instead can just click on a link provided in the blogroll.

I picked the blog reader wordpress.com for basically two reasons. One is that its really one of the only blog readers I’ve ever heard of before and from what I’ve heard many people like it and think it’s a great blog reader to use. The other reason I picked wordpress.com is when I looked up other blog readers, it seemed like this was the easiest and most reliable one, and as a new blog reader, I figured I should use the easiest one. So far I am very happy with wordpress.com.

As I was scrolling down wordpress.com, I saw many fascinating things that I’ve never even heard of and that really suprised me, but two things really caught my attention. One of the blogs that really stuck out to me was written by Ted Blog (http://blog.ted.com/2013/09/06/x-marks-the-spot-a-wristband-that-detects-seizures-plus-this-weeks-tedx-talks/). This blog is about a wristband that is being invented right now for people with epilepsy. It’s being developed by an 18-year-old named Ricky Housley and its purpose is to detect when a seizure is happening and it automatically alerts a list of its contacts. This is an amazing idea because if someone has a seizure when they’re alone, they have no chance of calling someone to get help, but this bracelet does it automatically and can hopefully save that person’s life. Another blog that really caught my attention and surprised me quite a bit was a blog by TechChrunch (http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/09/apple-falls-behind-samsung-in-global-internet-usage-on-smartphones-pointing-to-a-low-cost-iphone-opportunity-or-challenge/). In this blog, its stating that Samsung is now ahead of Apple as the most popular brand for mobile Internet. This came as a huge surprise to me because Apple has been leading for many years and if anything, I thought they were getting even more popular. It seems that the price for iPhones are starting to get a little to expensive and thats why so many people are going Samsung instead of Apple. Apple has now realized this and it looks like they are going to come out with a less expensive iPhone due to this news.

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